As cities get bigger and congested due to expansion and rapid urbanization, there is a greater pressure on existing infrastructure. Also as technologies rapidly evolve, most services today are available at the touch of a button. Having realized that technology can help identify and solve various problems, Government of India has embarked on the Smart City Mission for 100 cities across the nation.

Under such projects various Information and Communication Technologies will be used to collect data points to ensure that assets and resources are managed efficiently. The data collection will be from multiple sources like citizens, devices and various installed assets, which will then be processed at a central command centre. The data processed will help in improving the various citizen services like traffic and transportation systems, power supply, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, healthcare and other community services.

The integrated and real time nature of these technologies will also allow city officials to interact directly with the citizens while monitoring how the city infrastructure is evolving. The technologies provide for enhanced quality, performance and interactivity of urban services from a consumer standpoint apart from aiding to reduce costs and consumption. The continual monitoring also ensures that interventions are made way before failure points due to overloading are reached.  


At JKB Infrastructure, we believe in the connected world we live in and net positive impact that technology can have on our lives if used appropriately and at the right times. Considering that the time is ripe for city rejuvenation and overhauling of civic infrastructures, we have partnered with various Experts through JVs to bring in the best technology to make our cities sustainable, efficient and SMART!