Transit Oriented Development 


As city centres get choked, urban planners are moving to Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for creation of sustainable, vibrant and liveable communities. TOD provides maximization of residential, business and leisure space within walking distance of various public transport. Apart from creation of exciting people places in the city centres, its implementation across major cities of the world has led to city revitalization as well as suburban renewal.


TOD is also seen as a solution to climate change and global energy security by concentrating the commercial, residential and leisure spaces within a half mile of walking distance from the centre transit stop. This kind of development by building dense walkable communities is seen to reduce driving by about 85%.


Central and State Governments under the Urban Renewal Mission have adopted the concept of TOD and are looking to develop interlinked transport hubs in various Indian cities. JKB Infrastructure has understood the impact of these projects on long term sustainability, and is partnering with various governmental agencies and executing large scale TOD projects.

Railway Station Redevelopment 


Indian Railways is considered the lifeline of the nation and has always been a major catalyst in the socio-economic growth of the country. It not only moves people and freight but has also been instrumental in creation of micro economic hubs. To aid India’s rapid economic growth, Indian Railways has embarked on a massive infrastructure upgradation and expansion drive to cater to the increasing passenger flow and freight movement. In this regard it is creating dedicated freight corridors and redeveloping major railway stations. This mega transformation journey is centered around creating world-class railway stations with improved passenger amenities, which will also be local economic hubs.


We at JKB Infrastructure understand the social and economic impact that a local railway station has on its surroundings and hence are partnering with Indian Railways in the station redevelopment projects. We foresee that transformed stations will not only become nerve centres of the city but also bring sustainable economic growth to the area.








Highways not only connect places but are also the tracks on which the wheels of the economy move. It has been proven that good highway network both in quality and reach is a must have for the economic growth of a nation.


Government of India having built the basic network and understood the basic challenges offered by the EPC or BOT models have identified the HAM for rapid highway network growth. JKB Infrastructure having built up its expertise in highway building over the years, is working on various HAM highway projects.



India with its natural beauty is also home to large mountain ranges. Ropeways provide a mode of reach to places which can otherwise not be accessed by roads or railways. JKB Infrastructure in partnership with various State Governments is in various stages of development of Ropeway projects to provide access to regions and improving people’s lives.